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Drivers Manual 2015
Are you studying for the California Class C DMV Driving Permit Practice Test? We are here to help you pass your exam! This is the official CA government car handbook and is identical to the version on the California Department of Motor Vehicles website. This will help you developer your skills and knowledge of car driving in California and road rules. Further, our practice tests will serve as a complementary study tool. The format of our practice tests will prepare you for your experience when you go to take the official exam administered by the Department of Motor Vehicles. In order to pass the official test, you need to score at least 39 out of 46. Our California car permit practice test is a great study resource because it supplies you with multiple choice questions and answers, and provides you the correct answer immediately after you make your choice. We use the method of randomized questions being pulled from the database, creating unique tests each time, so you can learn as quickly as you can to learn the rules of the road, pass your driving exam and building your confidence for driving. Take the CA car permit practice test and be one step closer to planning your first car road trip! Happy reading and good luck!
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