Department Of Motor Vehicles California

Department of Motor Vehicles California

The California Department of Motor Vehicles which is also known as DMV for short is a state agency that is responsible for registering motor vehicles, boats, and issues drivers licenses in the state of California in the United States of America. The California DMV also regulates new car dealers, with permission of the new motor vehicle board.

What is the DMV Responsible For?

The DMV is responsible for commercial cargo carriers, private driving schools, and private traffic schools as well. They also work in correspondence with the superior courts of California that will record all convictions against driver’s licenses and will suspend or revoke a license if it acquires one too many convictions.

When it comes time to getting your license plate or driver's license, The Department of motor vehicles is also responsible for issuing California driver’s licenses as well as license plates. They can also issues identification cards California residents that are ineligible or do not want to have a driver’s license.

Department of Motor Vehicles California Facts

- The department of motor vehicles is a part of the California state of transportation agency.

- The main headquarters are in the capital of Sacramento and it operates from the local offices in all parts of the state.

- Right now the department of motor vehicles has employed over eight thousand people at its headquarters.

- Has a record of 26,913,515 people in their data base and has issued 30,320,613 drivers licenses and identification cards although there is a bit of overlap in the numbers due to the fact that some people have both a driver’s license and an identification card.

- The Department of motor vehicles was first established in 1915.

- Under the vehicle act of 1923, the department was authorized to hire inspectors and traffic patrol officers who will enforce the act under the law. However after 1947 the highway patrol officers were given their own department called the California Highway Patrol.