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    What are the types of driver License in Florida?
    To obtain a Florida driver’s license, you will need to fill out a driver’s license application. Both standard FL driver’s licenses and CDL driver’s licenses are available to qualified candidates. • Class E learner driver’s license - Issued to teenage drivers who operate a vehicle, under certain restrictions. • Class E driver’s license - Issued to drivers who operates a non-commercial vehicle that weighs less than 26,001 pounds (GVWR). • Motorcycle license - Issued to drivers who operate a motorcycle. • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) - Class A, B or C driving license - Issued to drivers who operate commercial vehicles.
    Are there exceptions to the Florida Driver License?
    You do not have to get a Florida driver license to drive in Florida if you are a non-resident who is at least 16 years old and have a valid non-commercial driver license a different state or territory of the United States; or an International Driving Permit from your country of residence.
    What are the identification requirements for license application?
    All applicants for a Florida driver license or identification card must present: • Primary identification; • Proof of social security number, eg, a military ID; • Two documents are showing your residential address.
    At what age will I be able to apply for my permit in Florida?
    You should be 16 years or older to drive in Florida. An out-of-state driver who is under the age of 18 is expected to obey all restrictions of the Florida state.
    How do I get a non-commercial driver license in the US?
    Below are the key steps to follow for a non-commercial driver license in NYS: • Apply for the learner permit, and then pay the application fee. • Practice on our website for your road test. • Then take a DMV-approved pre-licensing course or a driver education course. • Use your driver education certificate or pre-licensing course certificate and make an appointment for your road test. • Pass your road test and receive your Florida driver license.
    Are there any Physical and Mental Requirements?
    Yes, you must list any mental or physical issues that might affect your driving on your license application. If you have dizziness, blackouts, epilepsy, fainting spells, or any other medical condition that might impair your ability to drive, you may be asked to have a physician complete a medical report form.
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    Where should I take the tests?
    You may take the vision, knowledge, and behind-the-wheel driving tests at most DMV field offices that provide Driver License services.
    Is cheating allowed?
    The use of testing aids is strictly prohibited. This includes: cheat sheets, or electronic communication devices such as mobile phones, hand-held computer, or even notes, etc. If any testing aid is used during the test, the test will be marked as "FAIL" An action will also be taken by DMV against any driving privilege given to you, or the driving privilege of anyone else who helped you during the examination process.
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    What does your DL examination include?
    • A vision test (you may bring your eyeglasses or wears contact lenses if required for driving). To get your Florida DL, you must pass a vision test with a visual acuity of 50% with or without corrective lenses. • A knowledge test – DMV utilizes an automated Touchscreen Terminal (TST) to administer the knowledge test. • A behind-the-wheel driving test, if required. An appointment is a must have to take the behind-the-wheel driving test.
    How do I prepare for the test?
    Prepare for the written driver's test with the best study at With that package, you are one step closer to getting your driver's license. You will find all the important sections presented in a concise format.
    What are the key areas to put into consideration?
    Key areas of study may include: • Rules for driving in inclement weather • Turning rules • Pavement markings • Road signs • Four-way stop sign navigation
    How do I ensure I pass the test?
    Once you have dedicated time to studying, test your knowledge with the and get driving Practice Test.
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    Who takes the driving test?
    • Never been licensed in Florida or any other state or you hold a driver license (DL) from a foreign country. • A vision-related problem. • A limited term DL for specified physical and mental (P & M) conditions. • A physical condition (except corrective lenses) for which DMV imposes a restriction or you have a limit on your DL and request the restriction be removed. • An out-of-state junior, provisional, or probationary DL.
    Are all driving tests the same?
    The driving test for the noncommercial (essential) Driver's License Class C is the same for all the drivers regardless of age. An adult driver will take the same type of driving test as a teenager driver. A driver who is physically challenged or with a mental condition may, however, take a different kind of the driving test containing additional tests elements.
    How long does the driving test take?
    The road test is only 20 minutes. The examiner will ask you during the test to perform several things to demonstrate learned skills as a safe and confident driver.
    What should I put into consideration during the test?
    Listen to the examiner and what he/she asks you to do and don't be afraid to ask questions if it is unclear.
    Who grades me?
    The examiner will note and grade your alertness and how you obey the rules of the road. Such as: • Following other traffic rules • Making a U-turn • Starting your vehicle • Merging to traffic • Backing up Moving away from a parked position onto the road • Parallel parking • Pulling over to the side of the road and stopping
  • Passed the test? +
    You need to pass a written driver's exam, a driving skills exam and a vision exam. These tests are used to certify that you are a safe driver. You will then get your Driver License meaning that you have met the driving test requirements.
  • Failed the test? +
    Pay a retest fee and schedule another driving test
  • Renew your license +
    Class E driver licenses are usually valid for six to eight years. Expiration dates may vary for license renewals issued to non-immigrants. Your license may not be renewed if: • You are not eligible to receive a license. • You did not answer a summons which involved a traffic violation. • Your driver license is suspended, canceled or revoked. • You do not present the required documentation.
    How do I Replace a Lost/Stolen or Damaged Driver License?
    If the above happens, you must go to a DMV field office, complete the Driver License or Identification Card Application form, and pay a fee for the replacement.
  • Moving to a different state +
    You don't need to cancel your license at DMV. When you receive a new license from your new state, your Florida license will be canceled automatically.
  • General questions +
    How do I change my name on the DL?
    If your name has changed and you would like your name to appear on the Florida DL differently than it appears on your primary identification, you may need to present an original divorce decree, a certified government-issued marriage certificate, or court order as a name change document
    Are the tests offered in any other languages?
    Apart from English, you can schedule to take the exam in the following languages: • Spanish • Creole • Haitian
    Where do I apply from for my driver's license in Florida?
    Go to your local DMV office
    How can I contact the Florida DMV office?
    The DMV office is available online at
    Is a physical required to get a permit in Florida?
    No, a physical is not required to get a permit in the state of Florida.
    Do I need to take a vision test when applying for the Florida driver's license?
    Yes, a vision test is required. 20/40 is the pass mark.
    Where can I get a photo of my Florida driver's license taken?
    Once you have passed your test, you are only allowed to have your photograph taken at the DMV office.
    What colors should I avoid wearing when taking a picture for my license?
    No color restrictions