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  • Applying for a license in Michigan +
    What if I am from out of town?
    Enhanced driverÕs license is as well issued for who move by sea or land from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. This permits you to move into the U.S with no problems. However, for one to get the enhanced driverÕs license he/she must comply with the following; Provide an evidenced social security number ¥ Verify the legal status of the country ¥ Verification of identity ¥ Confirm Michigan residency ¥ Get a new license picture ¥ Comply with payments of any charges
    Which documents are essential when applying for the driving license?
    The following documents are needed when applying for the driving license: ¥ A copy the of a proofed social security number like the social security card ¥ A copy of the verified legal status document such as the U.S passport ¥ Two or more copies of proofed identity such as a photo if the ID and the U.S marriage license. ¥ Two confirmation of being a Michigan resident such as service bills for the last three months
    How do I get a hardship license?
    One has to finish the suspension period given then communicate with the Michigan Department of State for the next procedure to follow. One can as well visit the SOS office and talk to driverÕs license agent.
    How do I get a duplicate license?
    One can acquire it online or in person. When applying online, one must have a social security number and be a resident of the U.S. besides when asking in person one must have the following; U.S passport, marriage certificate and birth certificate and they should be original copies.
  • License Renewal +
    How do I renew my driving license?
    Driving license can be renewed through the following methods: i. Online Online renewal is done through MI ExpressSOS system that avails the secretary of state websites. However, for one to renew the enhanced driverÕs license, one has to go in-person. ii. In person One has to replace the driving license after every eight years in person by visiting the SOS centers. iii. Through mail Once one receives a notification in the mail for license renewal update your address in the form provided and send it back to site contained in the document. This should be done three weeks before the expiry date of the license.
    How do I renew my license if am in a military or located elsewhere?
    In such cases, they are allowed to still renew their license one year after the expiry date of the permit at SOS headquarters. However, for those located outside the country they can renew their driving license through email.
    How fast should I renew my driving license?
    One can renew the driving license one year ahead of the expiry date, and you have to visit the SOS office with the following: ¥ Updated MI driverÕs license ¥ Appropriate payment for renewal charges ¥ Contact lenses if used when driving
    Is there age boundary for one to renew the driving license?
    Currently, there is no age boundary for renewal of the license. However, the drivers are supposed to visit any SOS office near them for renewal after every eight years. Besides if one did renewal through online or via email the next renewal on has to visit the SOS headquarters.
    What necessities are needed for seniors to renew their driving license?
    There are no requirements needed by the seniors to renew their license instead they renew it either through online, email or in person. However, one has to visit the MI SOS headquarters every eight years. If the license has been renewed the renewal notice and the payments should be forwarded to Michigan Department of State. On the other hand when restoring online one should provide the driverÕs license number, date of birth and the last four digits of the social security number.
    What documents am I supposed to submit during the renewal of my driving license?
    During the renewal of the license on should an updated Michigan license and if online renewal one has to provide the driving license number to finish the email request. During in person, one has gone with the driving license during the day of renewal.
    What can I do when have not received my renewed license?
    If you have not received your renewed license one is free to communicate with the Michigan Department of State through 1-888-767-6424 for inquiries about the permit between Monday and Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm. One can as well visit the SOS office nearby and bring the transaction receipt if done online.
    When am I supposed to renew my license?
    The department of state will give notice on license renewal 45 days before the expiry date. However, one is required to renew the license before the expiry date. Besides, it can be renewed up to one year before the date of expiry, and this can be done in person, through email or online.
    Is there any vision test during the renewal of the license?
    If the health condition has not been affected since you acquired the driving license, then one does not need doing the vision test. One can do it online, in person or through email, however, in online renewal one has to provide the social security number to the secretary of state. If one has no social security number during the renewal of the license then on has to visit the nearest SOS office.
    Will I get a renewal notification of the driving license on the email?
    The Michigan secretary of state sends a renewal notice before the expiry date of the license, and it is the one used to request a MI driverÕs license renewable email. One has to follow the instructions provided and make payments through credit cards, money orders, debit cards or and send to address given on the notice.
  • License Replacement +
    What are the documents needed for license replacement?
    Provide documents that show your identity such as; the U.S passport, Canadian passport, verified birth certificate, marriage certificate or divorce agreement and photo ID.
    Which address will my replacement license be mailed to?
    The duplicate license will be forwarded to any email available in the Michigan Department of State. In case of relocation the SOS and provide them with your new address as well evidence to show that you have relocated.
    How long does it take to get the replacement license after application?
    Contact the Michigan Department of State on 1-888-767-6424 between Monday and Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm. You can also go to any available office for more information.
    How do I replace my driving license if it gets lost out of the state?
    The license can be replaced with the below ways: I. Online In online replacement, one can use the Express SOS system available in the Michigan Department of State website, and one has to be the citizen to finish the process with the social security number. II. Use of mail When using the mail, one has to attach the payment to the duplicate driving license form and forward it to the address provided in the form. III. Use of fax You have to fill the duplicate license application form and send it to 517-322-5438 and should be accompanied with your credit card information for payment of replacement charges.
    How do I get my replacement license if am a military or located elsewhere?
    If you are located elsewhere, you can get your replacement license online or by email. The U.S residents with the social security number can finish the request using the Express SOS system. Moreover, those doing it via email will fill out the duplicate driving license application form and forward it to the address provided in the form. Then the new driving license will be sent to the current residential address by the Michigan Department of state.
    How can I replace my driving license when am a non-U.S.Citizen?
    For a non-U.S citizen to replace the driving license he/she should produce the following: ¥ Long lasting resident card ¥ Letter of disqualification for social security number For the acceptance, document communicate with the Michigan Department of State. However, one can also replace the driving license online.
    Can the replacement fee be waived if I obtain a police report?
    It is the responsibility of the Michigan Department of State whether your replacement charges have been abandoned or not. Nevertheless, one has to go with the police report during replacement of the license. The replacement charges are $9 and can change anytime.
    If my driverÕs license gets lost or stolen how can I get it flagged with DMV?
    The driving license can be flagged if another driver has been caught by the police claiming that your license belongs that driver. The DMV clerk emphasizes that one should apply for the duplicate driving license. Give an immediate report to the nearest SOS once your driving license is lost or stolen and find the SOS office using the DMV indicator.
  • Reinstating a suspended driving license +
    How can I know that my license has been mailed after restoration?
    Contact the Michigan Department of State by calling the toll-free number 888-767-6424 or 888. One can also go in person to Michigan SOS headquarters that are near your location. How do I reinstate after revocation as a habitual traffic offender? This varies according to the mistakes done by the driver or if the license is on suspension or revocation. Communicate with the Michigan Department of States for the procedure to follow through 1-888-767-6424.
    How can I reinstate my suspended license?
    The regulation set in the suspension summary must be adhered to such as paying the reinstatement charges and complete the application for driverÕs license reinstatement. If one is interested in requesting a hearing, then a hearing request form should be filled and forwarded to SOS through fax (517-335-2190).
    How long will I own a suspended license if I didnÕt do a chemical test?
    One is suspended for one year and after that pay the suspension charges and fill the forms of application for driving license reinstatement.
    What is the violation that contributes to suspension license?
    The following are the mistakes that can enable oneÕs license to be suspended: ¥ Lack of children support ¥ Lack of vehicle insurance ¥ Miss to report in court ¥ Driving while drunk ¥ Some traffic mistakes ¥ Buildup of points ¥ Careless driving ¥ Driving with suspended license
    What are the consequences of driving with a suspended license?
    If found driving with the suspended license one will face the following: ¥ Likely jail time ¥ Society service ¥ Extended suspension period ¥ Finish the alcohol awareness program ¥ Increased penalties ¥ Reinstatement charges
    What are the reinstatement charges for a suspended license?
    It depends on the offenses made by the drivers, however, the standard one is $125 and can change anytime.
    What is the suspension eligible for a hardship license?
    Drivers are forced to obtain the driving license with boundaries during that period of suspension which allows one to drive to school and workplaces as well as authorized places only.
    When can I reinstate the license after suspension?
    One has to comply with the suspension regulation, and after completing the suspension period now one can reinstate the license through the application.
  • Testing +
    Which language is used in the test?
    When one needs to use a different language apart from English in written test communicate with the Michigan Department of State.